How to increase internet speed

How to increase internet speed 2020 - Windows 7 - Windows 10 Pc

This article is an answer to “How to increase internet speed” question. Tested and approved on windows 7 , windows 10 so you must be using a pc ( personal computer ). So, how to increase internet speed windows 7 and increasing internet speed windows 10 ?

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Friends now a day we saw mostly internet user face a problem about internet slow speed and mostly internet users very upset for the reason of internet slow speed and they ask about that How to increase internet speed.

Our important work becomes paralyzed due to slow internet speed.

So if you have trouble with slow internet speed and you want to know that windows 10 increase internet speed , so this post is only for you.

Fast internet speed to take us some very important things. Make some changes you can easily increase your internet speed.

Internet speed depends on these things that which browser in your use, which type of your operating system, your laptop or system RAM, which Router, Which Internet Service Provider and disk space also.

Virus in your computer also slows down your internet speed. So if you want to internet speed booster for pc windows 7, read below.

How to increase internet speed 2020

Depend on internet speed in these things discussed below:

  1. Test your internet speed because if your speed plan is 4 Mbps and you have not got speed as your plan so contact with your internet service provider company. Mostly I am using this website for speed test, the website is Ookla.
  2. Mostly internet slow down problem generate is the reason of Router or Modem. Check your router or modem and connection with it another device and check speed, if you face speed problem again so change your router.
  3. Delete your browser cache and also temporary files.
  4. Update your browser because old version browsers have not good than the new version.
  5. Change your Browser, maybe the internet slow speed problem is the reason of your browser.
  6. Change your operating system and use Ram according to your system requirements.
  7. Change your router or computer location, maybe you face the signal problem and change your computer or router location and its solved.
  8. Change cable wire, maybe it is damaged or old.
  9. Use the internet with cable, not wifi.
  10. Clean your computer and some empty your hard disk.
  11. Use anti-virus and clean viruses from your computer.
  12. Update your software.
  13. Uninstall wasteful software.
  14. Keep disk cleanup.
  15. Shutdown your computer daily.

So, friends, these are important things for increase internet speed.

In this post, we learned that how to increase internet speed in pc and how to increase internet speed windows 10